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ALF Quarterly No. 9


Issue 9 of ALFQ featured Nick Norman, Senay Kenfe, Matt Flood, Justin Alexander Tuan Smith, Lindsay McMinn, Dang Wayne Olsen, Northerndraw, Inga Schunn, Ruby Domino, ERO and more. Earwax Q/A highlights DJ Mr. Boy, Most Deaf, BRRD, Dwight Lighter and SUS Jesus. Includes a green flyer insert for Big Steves Mantis Dealership. This issue also has two alternate covers, one by Inga Schunn, and the other by Dang Wayne Olsen. 7.5"x 5.25", 116 Pages, B/W with heavy cardstock cover, string bound together. Limited unnumbered edition of 250 for worldwide supply. US shipping included.

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